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abundanceHere’s a revelation on abundance that I’ve recently begun to walk in: it’s got to be in you before you can be in it. Yep. In other words, we can’t live in abundance until abundance lives in us. So this begs the question: how do we get abundance IN us? And here’s where I offer the surprise answer revealed by the Holy Spirit: it’s already in there! We were all created with abundance installed; blessed at birth according to Genesis 1:28. But it’s not until we begin to pour it out of us that we create the abundance we want to live in, the abundance God designed us to live in. WHAT WE WANT TO LIVE IN IS ALREADY IN US! But first we must 1) recognize/identify it, and then 2) begin to pour it out of ourselves and release it to the world. The counter-intuitive truth is we never lose anything we give away. We only multiply it back to ourselves. If we want to take a bath we must fill our own bathtub with the water that is already inside of us by pouring it out to others. WE BATHE IN THE WATERS WE GIVE AWAY! Whatever resides within us in abundance, giving it away guarantees that abundance will return to us. BECOMING AN ENTHUSIASTIC GIVER of the abundance in our lives unleashes the universal law of reciprocity that Jesus taught in Luke 6:38 and insures that those in our lives will give back to us. The abundance in my life is divine revelation. The more I begin to share it with the world, the more the fullness of life flows back to me. What’s bottled up inside of you in abundance? Sharing it with the world will lead to a more abundant life.

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