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Earl Middleton, M.Div.Time is definitive. I can tell a lot about you just by knowing in what time period you spent your teen years: 50s – conservative; 60s – hippie; etc. You can identify the genre of a piece of music by listening to its time signature. Time is basic. Everything in this life has a rhythm, a cadence, a time signature: school, family life, prison life, work, relationships, movies. Certain things happen at the same time consistently in every enterprise of life. That’s its time signature.

So it is with miracles. They have a time signature.

Certain things happen at the same juncture consistently in every bonafide miracle. Part of my assignment as a minister of the word of God is to identify the notes and chords of a miracle for you so that you can know when you’re in the middle of a genuine move of God in your life, and when you’re not. This is important because I believe if you can identify the time signature of anything you can creatively replicate its genre and produce new pieces within it at will.

I’m confident this is what Jesus meant when he said, “the works that I do, greater works than these shall you do.” He intended for his disciples to be able to top his miracles. How? By learning the time signature of miracles and then making their own music in the miracle genre. They had the opportunity to learn this intuitively, by absorbing the rhythm of his words and actions as they spent every day with him for 3.5 years. You and I have to get it from the Holy Spirit breathing on and illuminating God’s word. And when we do we’ll be able to top Jesus’ miracles. Jesus spoke to fig trees and storms and waves, we’ll speak to mountains and move them into seas!

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