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Teaching Witches How to Love

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At a parenting lecture most people expect to hear secrets to get a child to do what a parent wants them to do, or learn how to get a child to do what the child doesn’t want to do. But that is really what the bible calls witchcraft; manipulation. And

Entertaining Witches Unawares, Pt 2

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This is such an important topic at such a sensitive time of the year that we have to complete this study today. Watch this video to learn more about Christian witches and warlocks, and how to walk in victory over them.

Entertaining Witches Unawares

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Halloween just passed, and if you’re like most Christians you’ve met more witches this last weekend than you realized. In fact, there are probably more witches in the church than there are in the world! Watch this video to find out how such an outrageous statement could be true.