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Why I Gave Up Chasing Wealth

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I’m a spiritual child of the health and prosperity gospel. Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts, Fred Price, and their theological disciples were my earliest teachers in the faith. So, naturally I embraced the biblical truths that God wants His children healthy, wealthy, and wise early in my walk with

Can Christians Carpe Diem? – Tuesday Truth Tussle

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Every Tuesday we consider a tough question that forces believers to think their faith, search their scriptures, and stretch their spirits. Here’s today’s truth tussle: Are Christianity and the carpe diem sentiment to grab everything that life offers you compatible? Do Christians have the freedom or even mandate to get

Lebron James has mastered the preject skill of silence

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A preject is a person who has been rejected by one or both parents, and as a result lives with a cracked, broken or shattered soul. To cope with and compensate for the damage visited on his soul by the absence of his father and the inconsistent presence of his mother in

How Riches Make a Preject Poor

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According to Parable of the Sower you can be choked with the cares, riches and pleasures of this life even when you’re poor, and have no riches or pleasures, by just pursuing them. The pursuit of deceitful riches chokes the word! What’s more, you can be rich and still be in pursuit by