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SLAP Your Parents

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SLAP = See.Love.Appreciate.Pray4 (all of this is implied by HONOR). I present a workshop to teens entitled How to SLAP Your Parents (and Why). It’s pretty popular. Here’s why. See¬†your parents. This means to acknowledge them AND to enable others to acknowledge them by promoting them and making them famous;

Teaching Witches How to Love

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At a parenting lecture most people expect to hear secrets to get a child to do what a parent wants them to do, or learn how to get a child to do what the child doesn’t want to do. But that is really what the bible calls witchcraft; manipulation. And

War or Pleasure?

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Are you a Warrior Christian? A believer parent who lives your life as if you’re on a battlefield every minute of every day? If you are, I’ve got a sobering word for you. This is totally inconsistent with how God designed us to live. We were made for a garden,

How My Son Broke My Scorched Heart & Changed My Life

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I left my son in our box seats at Dodger Stadium to go take a private cell phone call, and he broke my heart. When I returned I couldn’t see him, or our seats, or my jacket, which contained my wallet, and the key to our ride back home. I