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How to Make Hard Things Easy Peasy

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When we say something is hard what we really mean is that it’s going to cost us some pain and the outcome is not guaranteed, so we’re ambivalent about making that pain investment. So, can we eliminate the word HARD from our vocabulary and experience?

Self Inflicted Pain

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Some of the hardships we face and endure are really because of our own foolishness, disobedience, and misjudgment. Does God offer relief and healing from this kind of pain? Absolutely. When we see our kids suffer because of their own mistakes we rescue them when they acknowledge their fault and

Top 10 Words Christians Overuse – #10 – Life Changing

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Top Ten Words Christians Overuse: #10. Life changing. Do you know how hard it is to really transform a life? Especially in the brief amount of time most people want/need it to happen? The cold, honest, sobering fact is that real life change demands a ton of work by the