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The Time Signature of a Miracle

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Time is definitive. I can tell a lot about you just by knowing in what time period you spent your teen years: 50s – conservative; 60s – hippie; etc. You can identify the genre of a piece of music by listening to its time signature. Time is basic. Everything in

Did Jesus Use Reverse Psychology? – Tuesday Truth Tussle

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Every Tuesday we consider a tough question that forces believers to think their faith, search their scriptures, and stretch their spirits. Here’s today’s truth tussle: Jesus asked those he healed and delivered to NOT tell anyone who did it for them, but the more he asked them not to tell

Jesus’ Sex Life

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Did Jesus have a sex life? You bet he did, but not the kind that you might think. He was sinless, and he was sexual, too. Because he was human. But he conquered sexual sin for you and me. Find out how in this video excerpt. Pick up the complete

Who’s Telling Your Story?

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Who’s telling your story? And, perhaps even more important, who’s writing it? When I was going through my time of conflict at the traditional churches I pastored it was the people putting out stories about me that got the ‘votes’ on their side. They were better equipped to wage a

Divine Surprise

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We can’t ‘reach people with the word’ or ‘build a life-transforming bible study or faith community’ by targeting people who are consciously seeking God and His word. Why not? Because divine encounter always, ALWAYS happens when we’re not looking for it. Not ONE of the people Jesus called as disciples

The 8 Secrets of Success, According to TED Attendees

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Defining success isn’t easy. Achieving it is even harder. Richard St. John spent seven years interviewing 500 people who have achieved enough success to be invited to speak at TED, or to be able to afford the whopping $4,000 a pop entry fee. The 8 secrets he distills from those