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SLAP Your Parents

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SLAP = See.Love.Appreciate.Pray4 (all of this is implied by HONOR). I present a workshop to teens entitled How to SLAP Your Parents (and Why). It’s pretty popular. Here’s why. See your parents. This means to acknowledge them AND to enable others to acknowledge them by promoting them and making them famous;

Lebron James has mastered the preject skill of silence

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A preject is a person who has been rejected by one or both parents, and as a result lives with a cracked, broken or shattered soul. To cope with and compensate for the damage visited on his soul by the absence of his father and the inconsistent presence of his mother in

Was Jesus a Functional Preject?

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My mother-in-law dies on President’s Day. Ten days later a coven of somber faced morticians seal her platinum colored coffin and lower her remains into oddly chilled Florida dirt. Later, my wife and I are trying to get some sleep…on my mother-in-law’s bed (I know she’s gone, but the bed still