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God’s Green Room

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Sometimes we think and feel like we’re in a prison, left on God’s ministerial shelf and forgotten, only to find out later that all along we were just in God’s green room awaiting our turn to go on stage and perform for Him. There have been several times in my

SLAP Your Parents

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SLAP = See.Love.Appreciate.Pray4 (all of this is implied by HONOR). I present a workshop to teens entitled How to SLAP Your Parents (and Why). It’s pretty popular. Here’s why. See¬†your parents. This means to acknowledge them AND to enable others to acknowledge them by promoting them and making them famous;

Fixated on the Top

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Why is our culture so fixated on the pinnacle and narrowing life’s experiences into an EKG line graph of best and worst experiences ever? LeBron James blocks a shot and the media is quick to proffer the question, ‘Was that the greatest block ever?’ Why can’t it suffice to be

Who’s Telling Your Story?

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Who’s telling your story? And, perhaps even more important, who’s writing it? When I was going through my time of conflict at the traditional churches I pastored it was the people putting out stories about me that got the ‘votes’ on their side. They were better equipped to wage a

Are You a Loser?

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Are you the other ‘L’ word? A loser? Technically, we all are at one point or another in this life. Not one of us, not even God, can avoid experiencing loss. It’s like it’s been coded into the sub-atomic structure of the universe. Wait, it gets worse. According to my

Help for Homosexual Children Rejected by Their Christian Parents

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Fall is just around the corner. It’s time for school supplies. But for one segment of the student population the item they will need most won’t readily be available at their local office supply store. I am a Christian parent. To my knowledge none of my children are currently practicing