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Top 10 Words Christians Overuse – #10 – Life Changing

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Top Ten Words Christians Overuse: #10. Life changing. Do you know how hard it is to really transform a life? Especially in the brief amount of time most people want/need it to happen? The cold, honest, sobering fact is that real life change demands a ton of work by the

Is Reza Aslan a Zealot?

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Reza Aslan has been raising up quite a sandstorm of controversy in faith communities with his most recent publication, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. Aslan is an Iranian born, former cultural Muslim turned born-again Christian who has since surrendered his faith in Jesus the Christ for

Who’s Telling Your Story?

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Who’s telling your story? And, perhaps even more important, who’s writing it? When I was going through my time of conflict at the traditional churches I pastored it was the people putting out stories about me that got the ‘votes’ on their side. They were better equipped to wage a

Want Abundance In Your Life?

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Here’s a revelation on abundance that I’ve recently begun to walk in: it’s got to be in you before you can be in it. Yep. In other words, we can’t live in abundance until abundance lives in us. So this begs the question: how do we get abundance IN us?

Want a Relationship With God Without Going to Church?

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Is it even possible to have a relationship with God without going to church? You bet! Been there, done that! There are literally multitudes of millennials (and even a few wacky boomers like myself) who claim to believe in and want a relationship with God but don’t like or go

How Many Decisions Do You Make Each Day?

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It’s probably much more than you think. According to studies the average human makes 612 decisions each day. Not coincidentally, there are 613 commandments in the Hebrew Bible. The clear implication here may raise an eyebrow or provoke a yawn for people with no faith background, but for believers it