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How Big is Success?

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Many churches and pastors have made a God out of growth. Like most evangelicals I would like to reach the largest number of people possible, but the current focus on growth has really become a case of the tail wagging the dog. Success in a church context should not be

Want a Relationship With God Without Going to Church?

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Is it even possible to have a relationship with God without going to church? You bet! Been there, done that! There are literally multitudes of millennials (and even a few wacky boomers like myself) who claim to believe in and want a relationship with God but don’t like or go

Divine Surprise

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We can’t ‘reach people with the word’ or ‘build a life-transforming bible study or faith community’ by targeting people who are consciously seeking God and His word. Why not? Because divine encounter always, ALWAYS happens when we’re not looking for it. Not ONE of the people Jesus called as disciples

Why Is Sex Still Taboo in Church?

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We talk about sex freely in ever corner of our society…except in the church, where it remains taboo. What we do with our genitals will determine where we spend eternity! For centuries that has been one the church’s loudest and most consistent messages. So why not spend more time–heck, any