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Earl’s ministry is aimed primarily at families, and is ideal for church women’s groups. His presentations tend to run about 45 to 60 minutes, and can include a salvation message or a question and answer session at the organizer’s request. Both single presentations and conference/workshop packages are listed below.

Single Presentations:

Overcoming Parental Rejection And Hurts: available in both 60 minute and 1-day seminar formats, this life changing encounter is aimed at those who have been rejected by one or both parents. Included are a diagnostic test to determine one’s level of ‘prejection,’ an overview of the pathology of prejection, including common self-limiting and self-destructive behaviors of prejects, an introduction to the three stages of overcoming parental rejection, and an overview of the Five G.R.A.C.E. Steps™ to fullness and wholeness. This encounter is appropriate for all ages.

What Every Person Needs to Succeed: a perfect compliment to the Overcoming Parental Rejection And Hurts encounter, this 60 minute presentation focuses on the three major needs encoded in the human personality and visible in the life of every successful human being, including how to compensate for their absence in one’s life and how to correct the deficit.

The Anatomy of Motivation: This 60 minute presentation higlights, explains and nuances the key ingredient to motivation. By the end of this presentation prejects will be inspired to pursue, tackle and accomplish their dreams, and will leave with so much conviction they will be ready to move mountains (or run through them).

Helping People Who Hurt Themselves: This presentation outlines the steps necessary to create an environment where people who hurt themselves can have a chance at turnaround in their lives. A significant component of preject recovery is helping people who are where we have been. This lecture arms prejects with the insight and tools needed to deliver people from self-destructive behavior, a specialty of prejects.

Mama’s Law: This presentation reminds mothers of the one thing only they can teach, and how vital it is to the success of future generations. The Deuteronomy 5:16 blessing comes into sharp focus as mothers are equipped to teach their children how to honor them, so that their children are empowered to live long, subdue life, have things go well with them, and walk in dominion.

Conference/Workshop/Revival Packages:

The Leading Husband: This series of messages provides prescriptions for women who want husbands to lead and establish families on purpose that will affirm and nurture their children, launching them into their destiny. The series provides instruction for wives who have had poor or non-existent examples of husbanding in their family of origin.

Cracking the Code of Silence: This presentation, available as a single message or a multi-part experience, answers the questions many prejects ask: why do our prayers go unanswered? and why does God seem oblivious to our pain? It explores the power of silence, the draw of shadows in the lives of prejects, the fear of and need for vulnerability, the necessity of finishing grief work with parents in order to walk in our true identity as naked speaking spirits, and how to get God to hear our cry.

Jesus’ Sex Life: Satan exploits what the church is silent about. It is the principal way we give place to the devil. Because the church (and many parents) won’t talk about Jesus’ sex life, Satan is able to lie about it and exploit our silence for his gain. This presentation is a challenge to be silent no more! A measured response (not a reaction) to The DaVinci Code and other recent satanic lies meant to weaken the faith of believers and challenge the authority of God’s word, Jesus’ Sex Life affirms what the bible teaches: that Jesus did not have an active sex life, but yet God calls us to be just like Jesus; so, what does this mean for our God-given sexuality? This examination of Jesus’ Sex Life and its relevance for our own answers four compelling questions…

1. Does God want me to have a sex life?

2. Does God care about my sex life?

3. Does my sex life affect the rest of my life?

4. Does my sex life determine my after life?

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