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Earl MiddletonDecember 29, 2010 at 3:59 pm


I hope all is well.

I came across your black web show (Fine Church Girls) and wanted to get your thoughts on having the show placed our new site? I’m the founder of http://www.amacoast.com — an online black film DVD retailer, and we’re planning to launch (July 2012) a new site, dedicated to episodic, and made for the web, black video content.

Benefits of partnering with us:
• Shared revenue agreement, we will serve pre-roll ads on videos and also considering implementation of a subscription service
• Niche focused website, exclusively on black episodic content, viewers will have a very focused interest (higher CPMs for videos)
• We are able to leverage our customer base from our existing site in order to promote and build awareness of the new streaming site (more users watching more videos)

We’re all really excited at the prospect of working with you and helping get your show in front of the audience looking for this type of video content.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Kind Regards,

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