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Types of Events

1. At what types of events does Earl speak?

Earl has spoken at many different types of events. He has delivered the keynote address at local conferences, and spoken at retreats and worship services for audiences ranging up to 1,000 people. He has also spoken at outreaches and afternoon and evening events at churches. Generally, Earl’s messages are designed for, and he speaks most specifically to, Christian parents and children, but he has also given addresses at public and private schools, memorial services, and to community and government groups. He has also spoken to correctional organizations.


2. Will Earl do workshops?

Earl is happy to do workshops at multiple-sized conferences. Some of his topics, especially, lend themselves better to workshops than to larger venues since they only apply to a certain group of parents or children. Earl would be happy to do a workshop on his book, 40 Parenting Skills, for instance.



3. On what topics does Earl speak?

Earl speaks on a variety of topics, which you can see here. His main focus is helping people overcome parental rejection and break through their inner ceilings to greater success by leading them through the Five G.R.A.C.E. Steps. He has a passion for the family Yahweh originally intended, and most of his talks go in that general direction. However, he is sensitive that many parents in his audiences are empty-nesters, no longing raising children at home, and so strives to be as inclusive as possible when speaking to general groups.


4. I notice that most of Earl’s books have to do with parenting or childhood. Many of the people in our group are not parents, or they no longer have children at home. Will Earl still be relevant?

Earl knows that people are at all different stages of life, and endeavours in his presentations to be sensitive to all. When speaking to larger groups, he tends to focus more on how we can ensure that we’re journeying towards Christ and his design for our lives, and not away from Him, rather than focusing exclusively on family.


5. We have a theme for our event, and it’s not really in the list of Earl’s topics. Will he accommodate us?

Earl is happy to work with churches or committees who have a theme in mind for their service, retreat, or conference. However, due to the time involved in prayer and Bible study to prepare completely new messages, Earl limits these types of requests in order to insure the quality and effectiveness of each presentation. Therefore, we ask that you let Earl know what topic you would like at the time of booking.


6. We’re happy to let Earl pray about it and choose the topic himself. Is that okay?

Earl is happy to give groups a shorter list of topics after hearing about the group’s demographics and recent activities. However, he would prefer that the event organizers choose the topic, since they are more familiar with the audience and know what they would like more.



7. What are Earl’s fees?

Earl’s fees are set depending upon the type of event and the distance he has to travel. If you would like to know specifics, you can fill out his booking form and someone will get back to you so that you can discuss fees. His fees are set taking into account the amount of preparation that goes into each event, the amount of time away from his family, and the time spent at the event. He does, however, after prayerful consideration, accept events from churches or organizations that cannot afford his honorarium. He also believes that his local area is part of his local ministry, and so he is more likely to discount his fees in the Los Angeles area at this time. Earl personally guarantees that your church’s or organization’s ability to pay his full honorarium will never determine whether or not he accepts your invitation to speak. Never.


8. What other expenses are involved with Earl speaking?

We ask that the event committee cover all of Earl’s travel expenses, including mileage at 40 cents a mile, or airfare where applicable. When an overnight stay is necessary, we ask for Earl’s meals and hotels to be covered by the event committee, also.


9. We would like to save on expenses by having Earl stay in a private home. Is that okay?

In general, Earl prefers to stay in hotels, especially the evening before the event. He needs quiet time to pray, reflect, and prepare, and when staying in a home often the social demands can be disruptive. If an overnight stay is necessary after an event, Earl is happy to accommodate his sleeping arrangements as best suits the group.


10. Out of which airport does Earl fly?

Earl flies out of LAX, his local airport in Los Angeles.


11. Can we know Earl’s other expenses before the event?

When Earl accepts an event, he will send you a letter of understanding which will include his anticipated expenses, including mileage, meals and hotels. If a speaking event requires Earl to leave the house before 7:00 a.m. in order to arrive at the venue, Earl will request a hotel for the evening before so he won’t be too tired at the event. Because of traffic, this means that events in the San Diego or Ventura County area must start after 10:30 a.m. in order for Earl not to need a hotel the night before.


12. We’re just a small church and we can’t really afford Earl’s fees. Do you have any suggestions?

If you want to host a retreat for your church, one way to do it very economically is to purchase a DVD of a retreat that Earl has given. He can supply you with a church kit for retreats that includes the DVD, song suggestions, and discussion questions. That way you can have a great weekend away with your men or women at very little expense. You can email him here about that.

If you want to host an event and have him come to speak, another idea is to team up with other churches in your area and host an event together.

Earl personally guarantees that your church’s ability to pay fees will never determine whether or not he accepts your invitation to speak. Never.


Booking Earl

13. How can we book Earl?

Please fill out Earl’s booking form here. Someone will get back to you within twenty-four hours to let you know that your request has been received and is undergoing our prayerful consideration process. Although Earl is grateful for every invitation and opportunity to speak, he seeks Yahweh’s direction and approval for each invitation and opportunity because he speaks as a service to and servant of Yahweh.


14. How far ahead do we need to book Earl?

As of January, 2011, Earl is just now beginning to consider bookings for 2011 events, so the current lead time for bookings is extremely short. However, we expect lead times to necessarily lengthen for the first quarter of 2012, so it is advisable to book as soon as possible for 2012. If you do have an event soon, let Earl know right away and he and his team will promptly begin his prayerful consideration process to see if you can be accommodated, and then inform you of the decision within twenty-four hours.


15. How does Earl decide which speaking engagements to accept?

As of January, 2011, Earl has assembled a three person advisory team to meet on a rolling basis to consider speaking requests as they come in. The team prays over the requests and, along with Earl, makes decisions based on Earl’s commitments to his family, his writing schedule, the direction in which they believe Yahweh is leading Earl’s ministry, and most importantly, the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, he makes all decisions as they are presented, on a first-come, first-served basis. If, for instance, you request a date 24 months into the future, you will know within twenty-four hours whether or not Earl has committed to that event.


16. We’re pursuing a number of speakers and don’t actually know if we want to book Earl. We just want information, and to know if he’s available for our date. What should we do?

Please fill out a booking form and ask any questions you need to. If the event date is currently available, it will remain available until Earl accepts a booking invitation for that date. Earl cannot commit to being available before knowing if you definitely would want him to speak. He can, however, assist you in making your decision by pointing you to testimonials and samples, if that can be helpful.


17. Can I get a sample audio or video tape of Earl speaking?

Earl has some short video clips of some of his presentations online, and several from a former television show that he has hosted. You can also listen to any of his many, complete messages stocked in our online store and available for immediate mp3 download, including those in the free section of this site. In our ongoing effort to be green and do our part to conserve resources, we can’t send out DVDs and tapes to every group. However, if you really need one to take to a committee, contact Earl and we will see what we can do.


18. Can I phone your office about a speaking request?

Earl prefers to deal mostly with email because he spends most days writing, guiding his companies, and meeting with clients, and so often finds the phone distracting. He is also much better at promptly returning e-mails than phone messages! If, however, you need to chat on the phone about topics or dates, please feel free to call Earl (310.880.5978) and, if he is unable to answer the phone at that moment, he will do his best to return your call as soon as possible.


19. How soon will I know whether or not the invitation is accepted?

When we receive an invitation, we will send out an email within twenty-four hours letting you know if your invitation has been accepted.


20. Does Earl accept speaking invitations on short notice?

Yes. As long as a date is available, Earl and his team will prayerfully consider the invitation and get back to you within twenty-four hours with a decision.


Event Planning

25. We want the presentation to have a gospel message. Is that okay?

Earl is first and foremost a preacher, and is happy to add a gospel message to any of his presentations. However, before doing this he would want to talk with the organizers by phone to understand exactly how they see this being done. One of the problems in ministry is that people’s ideas of “outreaches” are different. If some parents and children hear an event will be an outreach, they may assume there won’t be a lot of God language and bring a ton of friends. Then, if there is a gospel message, they may feel very uncomfortable. Other groups are looking specifically for a gospel message. Think of things on an A-B-C scale: A events get people in the door. B events introduce the need for Jesus. C events give a gospel message. Often parents and children need to be invited to A and B events before they will be open to a C event. Earl is happy to do any of these types of events, but requests that the group organizers make it very clear to the audience from their organization which type of event this will be, so that they are aware of it before asking friends. It’s Earl’s deepest desire to see parents and children come to know Jesus, but he believes this must be done strategically so as not to unnecessarily offend.


26. Will Earl make song suggestions and other suggestions for our event?

In general, Earl prefers that the event organizers do most of the planning, and then he is happy to adapt to what they have done. When he does accept an invitation, he can send a list of contemporary songs that he believes go well with the talks. However, these are suggestions only, since the event organizers are the ones who know the kind of music with which the expected audience would be most familiar and comfortable.


27. Can Earl send an outline of his message?

Due to increasing demands on his time, Earl cannot send a complete outline of each talk that he is going to give. He can, however, provide the event organizers with a one-sheet of the planned message, including topics to be covered and the scripture references around which the message is built, along with song suggestions.


21. Does Earl require anything of the event organizers during the event?

Earl does require a book table everywhere he speaks, since this funds his writing ministry. The book table should be at least 6 feet long, and must be positioned in a prominent place near the exit of the room for a one-time event or in a prominent area for a weekend conference. He would ask for one tablecloth for to cover the table. If a bookstore is also setting up at the event, Earl asks that the bookstore not sell his books. Earl would also appreciate a volunteer to help manage his table, so that he has more time to speak and pray with people after the talk.


22. What tips can you give us for planning our event?

Earl believes that the point of an event is not to hear a wonderful talk, but to engage parents and children so that lives are actually changed. This means that the audience must “own” the talk, rather than just hear the talk. In our experience, it works best if parents and children have several minutes after a talk to write things down, reflect, and pray. Breaking into small groups to talk about some of the material can also be beneficial, and Earl is happy to facilitate this. If you have pens and paper available for those individuals who didn’t bring any, this will help them be able to write down important insights that God has given them. Earl also seeks to make his presentations highly interactive, and utilizes text message enabled cell phones to accomplish this. Reminding all attendees during the promotion process to be sure to bring a text message enabled cell phone set to silent or vibrate will help to insure that attendees get the highest takeaway value possible.


23. Can I meet with Earl prior to our event?

Due to the growing demand on Earl’s schedule, he will be happy to meet event organizers prior to an event, but can only do so at our Los Angeles offices, or at the host hotel in the city of the scheduled event, if the event is held out of town.


24. We want to have this event as an outreach and don’t want it to be too preachy. Is Earl okay with that?

Earl is happy to accommodate groups like this—in fact, this is one of his favorite things to do! Earl can present biblical truths without using overtly biblical language, to make them easily accessible.



28. We’ve already had Earl speak and we’d like to have him speak again. How do we find out what his new messages are?

To keep in touch with Earl and hear what new messages Yahweh is giving him, you can sign up for his ministry newsletter in the upper right hand corner of this page, or subscribe to his RSS feed by clicking on the RSS icon in the navigation bar near the top of this page.


29. I don’t want to book Earl; I just want to know if he’s ever going to speak in my area so that I can come hear him. How can I do that?

The easiest ways are to return frequently to this website to monitor Earl’s calendar, or to sign up for Earl’s newsletter on the upper right side of this page, which will list his upcoming speaking engagements.


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