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I do like your manner of speaking. You are gifted! You have a great delivery, something that I’m sure you’ve been working on for years. ~ Debra Ginsberg, Faith Snack viewer, October 2009

Earl is a 22 year veteran of the pastoral pulpit who has been called into a new dimension of ministry. A firm believer that one has to come out before he can be brought in, Earl did not prepare to begin an independent speaking ministry while serving as a pastor. As a result, Earl has not attempted to leverage his pastoral experience or contacts into speaking opportunities, trusting Yahweh to open doors and lead him to the audiences He has prepared for him.

Earl is available for one time events, like family themed conferences and men’s and women’s gatherings, as well as all day or all weekend retreats and conferences. He also speaks to school assemblies and congregations, and currently conducts O.P.R.A.H. seminars and workshops in Los Angeles.

Here’s Earl being funny and sharp:

Here’s Earl being funny and challenging:

Here’s Earl being serious:

Speaking about what he has written is Earl’s favorite thing to do, so don’t hesitate to ask him to speak for your group! To book him, send him an email using the contact form below, or use his simple and easy booking form. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours regarding availability and fees.

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