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painSome of the hardships we face and endure are really because of our own foolishness, disobedience, and misjudgment. Does God offer relief and healing from this kind of pain? Absolutely. When we see our kids suffer because of their own mistakes we rescue them when they acknowledge their fault and recognize their role in their current circumstances. When they confess we forgive. When they repent they make different decisions.

We continue to wallow in our own pain when we refuse to repent (or are not yet granted repentance to the acknowledging of the truth). We don’t suffer from our own mistakes because we haven’t been forgiven, we suffer because we haven’t repented yet. When we think differently we will behave differently. Instead of hurting ourselves we will help ourselves.

What do I need to change in my thinking to stop hurting myself?

1. Don’t despise the blessing of God. Whatever we have that generates income is of The Lord and is a blessing. We begin to despise it when we start comparing it to the blessings of others. Be ‘content’ with whatever God has blessed you with and make your mark and difference in the world with it. It’s when we maximize the blessings we have that we are given more.

2. Think like a farmer. As in sowing and reaping, abundance comes in season after dispersing MANY little seeds; not immediately after planting one large seed that yields one huge beanstalk! Instead of having a homerun mentality we need a singles mentality. On base percentage is more valuable than slugging percentage. Only God plants trees, we are called to sow fields. Multiple streams and fields of small, steady income beats waiting for one tree to grow to maturity.

3. Communicate and Connect. Communicate with everyone. Connect with some. Disconnect with others. Success is collaborative and God sends people into your life with the resources and wisdom to prosper you. The only way to receive these people is to communicate. The only way to know who to connect with and who to disconnect from is to communicate. You don’t have to hang with everybody to communicate with everybody. Prosperity never comes in isolation. Only when we break out of iso or somebody breaks in do we receive the ‘inflow’ that brings prosperity.

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