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JTW-smIs it even possible to have a relationship with God without going to church? You bet! Been there, done that! There are literally multitudes of millennials (and even a few wacky boomers like myself) who claim to believe in and want a relationship with God but don’t like or go to church because they distrust organized religion. After all the scandals, irrelevance, and just plain old garden variety ineffectiveness, it’s understandable. But we can’t say we believe in God and not have a structured way to relate to Him (via prayer, devotion, charitable works, etc). JUST THE WORD is a one hour scripture workshop/seminar that provides structure for people who want to know how to relate to God without the middleman, the organized church. However, we’re not talking about external structure. We’re not talking about rules, regulations, rigamarole, and mind-numbing ritual. We’re talking about INNER structure. We’re talking about comprehension, conviction, contextual application, and real, relevant, lasting change. And all that comes from Just the Word. So, how do you have a relationship with God without going to church? Go to a Just the Word Scripture Workshop/Seminar instead.

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