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These books are all designed to help you overcome the soul damaging, life limiting effects of parental rejection.

OPRAH-TitleOVERCOMING PARENTAL REJECTION & HURTS: As families become more fractured and distant, and children become more pathologically impacted by this alienation, the question begs an answer, “how do we help the millions beset by parental rejection to acquire what they have missed from their parents, heal their brokenness, and achieve their God ordained destiny?” I wrote this book as a cathartic response to that question. Using the revelation given to me by the Holy Spirit as I sought to overcome my own feelings of rejection and alienation from my parents and build a meaningful life for myself, I teach you how to overcome the debilitating effects of parental rejection and break through to greater success in every area of your life by leading you through the Five G.R.A.C.E. Steps™, the unique, proven, biblical method to soul repair I have been sharing with a growing audience.

OPRAH-WorkbookOVERCOMING PARENTAL REJECTION & HURTS – WORKBOOK: You’re only 30 days away from healing your damaged soul! That’s how long it takes to complete all the steps in this inner healing guide and see results. Learn how to identify the impact bad parenting has had on your life. In 2010 there were over 900,000 cases of child abuse reported to authorities in the United States and 1560 children died as a direct result of that abuse. It is estimated that by the time we reach age 21 some 100 million Americans have to some degree experienced debilitating parental rejection, and most of us take those feelings, and their life limiting consequences, to the grave. This book guides you through the steps to overcoming by showing you how to grieve fully, release completely, accept totally, comfort effectively, establish permanently, and finally become the parent you’ve always wanted your parents to be.

parental-malpracticePARENTAL MALPRACTICE: 20 REASONS WHY KIDS FEEL REJECTED: Have you tried your best to be a good parent, but your child is still angry with you and hard to connect with? Have your parents given you everything you’ve asked for, but it still doesn’t feel like enough, and you don’t know why? Parental rejection produces deep scars that affect significant areas of a child’s present and future, and addressing the reasons kids feel rejection is the beginning of the process toward eliminating parental rejection and its’ limiting effects from our national landscape. Parental Malpractice: 20 Reasons Why Kids Feel Rejected starts that conversation by revealing why so many kids feel rejected by a parent even when they have been given everything. Written by a PRO (parental rejection overcomer) who was rejected by his parents, this book will help parents and their children to identify many of the not-so-obvious causes of rejection, heal their relationships, restore their souls, and enjoy the life they were designed to live.

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