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Visit this page often to find out what I will be publishing next. Because I am a full-time, God-called, Spirit-anointed writer, ideas and words are continually flowing, projects are constantly birthing, and books are consistently producing. All of my books begin as kindle e-books, so check out my Amazon author page for what is currently available. Check here to find out what will be available for immediate download very soon. This is also the location to learn what e-books will soon be converted to paperbacks.

Coming Soon:

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO CHAUNCEY: Chauncey rewrites one of the gospel’s to include the humor embedded in them in a funny way. He make Jesus respond to dumb questions with funny quips. He shows us the humor in some of the scenes we thought we knew, like the Gadarene demoniac and the demon-possessed boy foaming at the mouth. He makes Jesus pull practical jokes on the disciples to unwind. Chauncey shows us that God laughs…at the devil, at evil, and at the very idea that anyone or anything would presume to challenge Him.

mypastor-santaMY PASTOR CAUGHT SANTA: Masked, armed robbers wearing baggy Santa costumes break into First Baptist Church during the Christmas Morning service and stickup the entire congregation, making off with all their valuables, the Christmas offering, Pastor’s convertible containing a priceless heirloom, and a deacon’s daughter to have their way with. Join some of your favorite zany Belton characters and fall in love with new ones on another hilarious thrill ride as Pastor Hook races against time to catch the thieves and recover everyone’s property before the ball drops in Times Square.

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