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My dad beat me.

I’m not saying He was a child abuser, or anything like that. But there are a couple of incidents that stand out in my life that people won’t allow me (or the whole world, for that matter) to forget: the wilderness and the cross. There are millions, perhaps billions, of people who are suffering right now, underachieving, undertrying, underliving, because they can’t get past the memory of just one traumatic time, season or moment in their life. An accident, a rape, a violent assault, a bankrupting robbery, a vicious lie, an identity theft. And when the assailant is a parent, the way around and past the incident seems astronomically long and not even worth an attempt.

That could’ve been me. I’ve had two incidents. There, but for the grace of God, go I. But it wasn’t, and it’s not.

The world considers me to be abused by my Dad: stricken, smitten, & afflicted! And it’s true. My own words confirm it (Is 53:4). My Dad did beat me. But I still love Him. Now, this is not one of those cases psychologists refer to as ‘transference,’ where the abused develops feelings of affection for their abuser. This is all purposeful, and planned. I knew it was coming, and I let it. In fact, I wanted it. I submitted to Dad’s beatings so that I could be the savior, the deliverer, the location and experience changer of prejects everywhere! God bruised me (Is 53:10), & yet I still loved God, because I love you!

Homer choking Bart

Yeah, I’m a healed preject. I was abandoned by my Father in the wilderness and rejected by Him on the cross. But I used the G.R.A.C.E. steps to get healed! The same steps I’ve told this Middleton guy to share with you. When I cried out to Dad, ‘why have you forsaken me?!’ I was actually confronting Him with my pain & releasing it (& Dad). I had to release the pain in order to complete my mission (which required going into hell and preaching there). I did it for you, to show you how to do it and get my results!

I’ve been sitting for over 2,000 years at the right hand of the dude, the Dad who abandoned, smote, struck, afflicted, bruised, and forsook me. Willingly! You have to be whole inside, and walk in love and total, perfect understanding to do that! Without that kind of love, the godhead, my first family, would definitely be dysfunctional, crippled by major issues! But we’re not. We’re whole, and highly functional, and modeling the definition of family for you, because I understood that even in the rejection, my Father loved me; so I was able to return love instead of rejection! Could you imagine what would’ve happened to the world if I did what most prejects do: reject back? Could you imagine if I would’ve refused to go back to heaven and be in the same throne room as my Dad until He apologized to me, and explained why He beat me, and promised to never do it again, and made up for it by giving me something expensive? Whatever you’ve imagined, it didn’t happen because I knew and believed in my Father’s love even (in fact, especially) in my time of parental rejection, and I never let that ‘faith’ go!

Your dad may have beaten you. But if you can love him in spite of it by learning from me, you will break through that inner ceiling that’s been holding you back. If you want me to show you how, click here. It all starts with trusting me as your model and decision-maker. The rest will be history and victory!

All the best,

Jesus Christ

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