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If you’re an interviewer from a radio station, a TV show, or newspaper, and you want some preliminary questions for Earl, here are some of his favorites for media interviews!

And if you run a blog, why not use some of these for a blog interview? They’re lots of fun, and you’ll get extra traffic from the people I’ll send you!

1. Did you ever feel more like an orphan than a son and a sibling?

2. Why do parents get so guilty and upset when our parenting practices are put under the microscope?

3. Is a good parental relationship really that big of a deal to our over all well-being?

4. When should kids start thinking about how they will raise their own children?

5. When should parents start thinking about what kind of relationship they will have with their children in their adult years?

6. Who should do the disciplining?

7. Does housework really affect marriages and families?

8. What else does your writing deal with other than parenting and parental relationships?

9. Why do you say that marriage is for men, but sex is for women? Isn’t it the other way around?!?

10. How can a mom decide whether or not she should work outside the home?

11. What do you do when you feel like your parents don’t really value you for who you are?

12. What’s the best advice for a busy parent who finds himself repeating with his own kids many of the rejecting behaviors he received from his parents?”

13. Are there ways in which the Christian community makes parenting more difficult, even if they don’t mean to?

14. Why is it harder to be a parent today than it was fifty years ago?

15. What does Oprah think of your book and workshops?

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