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According to Parable of the Sower you can be choked with the cares, riches and pleasures of this life even when you’re poor, and have no riches or pleasures, by just pursuing them. The pursuit of deceitful riches chokes the word! What’s more, you can be rich and still be in pursuit by making riches the focus of your life: keeping them, increasing them, more fully enjoying them. The enemy is pursuit. And unhealed prejects, by definition, are so internally bankrupt because of our broken souls, that we live consumptively, to fill the inner voids with things, riches, pleasures, all in pursuit of wholeness. But riches are indeed deceptive. They can’t and never will satisfy a longing soul. So, prejects are uniquely set up for the deception of riches. When we are whole and living a blessed life we never pursue riches; instead, they pursue us (Deut 28:2; Matt 6:33). Christians, and prejects in particular, who are living to become rich are really under great deception (1 Tim 6:9) and temptation. Instead of pursuing riches we are challenged by Paul (and Jesus, for that matter) to pursue the kingdom of God & His righteousness (vs 11).

The Prosperity Gospel (and I’m not hating, because I do believe that poverty is a curse Jesus came to destroy) will be more convincing when people other than preachers asking for seed sown into them and their ministries start teaching and proclaiming it. Legit prosperity is not dependent on seed sown into it, but on the seed it sows! Not on getting, but giving. Well, okay, it is dependent on getting one thing. Revelation!

Luke 19:42-44 teaches us that each city/person has specific things assigned to them that produce peace (the Greek word eirene is also accurately translated “prosperity”) for them and can only be accessed by revelation, which enables them to see/know their DAY of visitation (oversight inspection: when God shows up to check you out and see if you qualify for the promotion). We cannot prosper without a day of visitation when we pass muster and graduate to our next level! When we know the day (and we can–by divine revelation), we can prepare for it! If we don’t know the day of our visitation, or the things given to us to cause us to prosper, because we didn’t take the time or go to the trouble to get the revelation, then we will still get our day of visitation, but be unprepared for it and so not qualify for the promotion. Everyone gets their day of visitation! Everyone has things assigned that causes their prosperity. How many people are living today with those things hidden from them, and so are chasing prosperity through another special offering on Christian television? Prejects, because of our spirit deficits (as a result of our soul damage), live woefully short on revelation. So, when we’re rich, we can still be poor. And when we’re poor, we can’t get rich. That was literaly the case with jerusalem in Jesus’ day, and with many in the body of Christ now.

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