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Who doesn’t like free stuff!? Writing, and then speaking about what I’ve written, is my life. Over the years I’ve developed a bunch of free downloads that I’d love for you to use. These are things I, and many of the people I’ve worked with and ministered to, have found particularly helpful, and I hope you will, too!

Creating a Family Purpose Statement: excerpted from my Five Family Statements workbook (which is also a part of the appendix to Overcoming Parental Rejection And Hurts). Creating a family purpose statement is the foundational step in focusing your family for intimacy and success.

Preject Self-Assessment: are you a preject? A person who has been rejected by one or both parents, and as a result lives with a damaged soul? This free online assessment, which takes about five minutes to complete, will give you insight into the condition of your soul, instantly!

Cracking the Code of Silence: in any relationship, but particularly in families, silence kills. This complete, one-hour message, excerpted from the six-part CD audio program by the same title, will help you identify the causes of silence in your relationship.

Jesus’ Sex Life: did he have one? Why should we care? This complete, one-hour message, excerpted from the four-part CD audio program by the same title, will help you to see your sex life from a new position.

Preject Prescriptions: daily doses of YouTube inspiration and cure for people struggling with or damaged by parental relationships.

Faith Snacks: daily YouTube fortification for faith challenged by life.

Fine Church Girls–Intro: what happens when four young women with broken souls end up in the same small group at church? The YPTV first-look at the internet’s first Christian dramedic series.

Seminar Coupon Code: take an additional 10% off the already discounted online reservation price for any upcoming Overcoming Parental Rejection And Hurts seminar.

Baby Steps (E-Book): So, you recently surrendered your life to Jesus Christ but have no idea what to do next. What does your new commitment mean and require of you? In this e-book version of our booklet for new believers Earl shares the seven baby steps every new believer must take on the way to maturity in the faith.

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