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Earl Middleton, M.Div.Why is our culture so fixated on the pinnacle and narrowing life’s experiences into an EKG line graph of best and worst experiences ever? LeBron James blocks a shot and the media is quick to proffer the question, ‘Was that the greatest block ever?’ Why can’t it suffice to be ONE OF THE GREATEST BLOCKS EVER? What gives with the need for hyperbole? What’s really going on?
I believe it has something to do with our Babel-onian history and our DNA encoded need to ascend to the heavens and connect with our higher selves, our higher power. Humans will always struggle to reach the top, and our king of the hill focus will cause us to always put someone or something up there on the top in order to define it for us, give us something or someone to shoot for, and help us to know what the top looks like, to know what to expect. We want and need to define the top because it helps us to envision getting there ourselves.

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