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​​​​Fine Church Girls

This series began as the internet’s first dramedic Christian webisode. Set in a real church and using real parishioners, the show blurred the lines between reality and fiction. Meet Teal, Spencer, Blanca, and Victoria in the video below, and know that they are even more compelling in print than they are on screen.

comedy, drama, church, girls, women, prejects, parental rejection, earl middletonBOOK ONE: What happens when four young women from very different backgrounds who have all been rejected by a parent are tossed together in a church small group? You get the internet’s first Christian dramedic series, written and directed by a practicing pastor who also portrays himself in the show…sort of! Now join our four lovable prejects in print for the very first time. Victoria, Teal, Spencer, and Blanca take us along for an unforgettable ride on their adventure to overcome their past and define their future. As they face the same struggle to hold it together while everything around them, including themselves, seems to be falling apart, these fine church girls teach us all the value of G.R.A.C.E. and the power of real love.

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