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My Pastor Didn’t Do It – Get Your Copy Today!

Earl Middleton No Comments

mypastor.jpgThe pastor didn’t kill his seductive parishioner and is forced to embark on a hilarious journey to find out who did. ($2.99 e-book; $13.99 paperback. Available Now!)

This first of its kind American novel featuring a black clergyman as the amateur sleuth is set in a fictional bedroom community of Newark, NJ. There’s a lot going on in Belton, including an influx of college educated African Americans, a rising crime rate, and escalating racial tensions.

When a sexy member of the city’s lone African American congregation turns up dead in her basement, the only evidence recovered from the scene is Pastor Tony Hook’s DNA, and all he can offer for an alibi is that he was alone in his study, praying for Anemone’s soul. And his own. Of course, golden-eyed detective Sgt. Chris Sears sets her sights on him as her prime suspect, jeopardizing his future in ministry, and Pastor Hook launches his own sidesplitting investigation into the murder. With an anonymous rival who will stop at nothing to get him out of the way, and a crusty trustee who will try almost anything to get rid of him also breathing down his neck, only heaven can help Hook out of this mess, but God has chosen this time to go silent on him. Pursued by good and hounded by evil, poisoned by deadly wildlife and stricken with writer’s block, Pastor Hook must overcome Jobian loss and ugly suits, resist witchcraft, brave fire, dodge bullets, survive explosions, and tame ravenous beasts to track down the killer in this hilarious clerical romp.

In the end almost no one is who they appeared to be and Hook realizes that even for pastors some clichés are built on truth: home is where the heart is, and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.