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Do You Really Want the Best?

Earl Middleton No Comments

JTW-smThe Best. It sounds good, and we’ve all been taught to chase it, but is it really a practical spiritual pursuit. (I know those two words aren’t juxtaposed a lot, but for me it sums up the goal and meaning of life.) When you think about it the best doesn’t exist in the spiritual dimension of life, because the best suggests finite supply and finality, the end of the line, the ultimate. That means the only way to grasp the best is in the flesh because in the spirit there is no finality, only eternity; no finite supply, only abundance. As soon as we start chasing the best anything (the best item, the best experience, the best quality, the best person, etc) we leave the spirit, the limitless realm, and lock into a full embrace of the flesh, the domain and final resting place of all human limits. Nah, I’m not interested in the best. You can have it. Just give me the real, the authentic, the relevant, the useful; because they are, and will always be, in limitless supply in the spirit, forever.