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cancelling curses identifying & getting free from unknown curses

Can't seem to catch a break? You may be living under a curse unawares! Three (3) CDs to feed your faith.
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deuteronomy how to get to your next level & flourish there

I'm ready to go to the next level with God. What must I do to get & stay there? Twenty-five (25) word packed teaching CDs to feed your faith. more info

faith gaps why, where & how to STAND until your miracle manifests

I know I've heard from God. How do I maintain faith until the promise arrives? Eight (8) word packed teaching tapes to feed your faith.
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god the builder can He fix it? Yes, He can!

Ever since Adam & Eve broke fellowship with God in the garden, we have been breaking things never meant to be broken. Let God fix them! more info

liars anonymous telling the truth about lies

Is it really possible to tell the truth all the time? If so, how do I acquire that skill? Four word-packed messages in five (5) mp3s to feed your faith! more info

how to live to 120 @ 10 am PDT Sunday Seminar

Broken People - How do I identify my own brokenness and allow God the Builder to fix me from the inside out?
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