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Monthly Archives:March 2015

God’s Green Room

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Sometimes we think and feel like we’re in a prison, left on God’s ministerial shelf and forgotten, only to find out later that all along we were just in God’s green room awaiting our turn to go on stage and perform for Him. There have been several times in my

No More Handouts

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Man, I get so annoyed sometimes that I need a place to vent to keep myself from exploding. We need to get back to earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, to God’s original intent for life. I think I’ll use this space for that purpose on

Self Inflicted Pain

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Some of the hardships we face and endure are really because of our own foolishness, disobedience, and misjudgment. Does God offer relief and healing from this kind of pain? Absolutely. When we see our kids suffer because of their own mistakes we rescue them when they acknowledge their fault and

No AO in SAE at OU

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You’re white, running low on gas, and forced to turn off the highway to refuel in an area you know nothing about. You pull into the gas station and are immediately gripped by fear. Heavy bass thumps in your chest and rattles your windows. It’s a black neighborhood. The station