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Monthly Archives:September 2012

Why Is Sex Still Taboo in Church?

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We talk about sex freely in ever corner of our society…except in the church, where it remains taboo. What we do with our genitals will determine where we spend eternity! For centuries that has been one the church’s loudest and most consistent messages. So why not spend more time–heck, any

Are You a Loser?

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Are you the other ‘L’ word? A loser? Technically, we all are at one point or another in this life. Not one of us, not even God, can avoid experiencing loss. It’s like it’s been coded into the sub-atomic structure of the universe. Wait, it gets worse. According to my

Who Are You Fighting For?

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Are you fighting just for yourself? Is the breakthrough you have been persistently laboring for only for you and your sense of accomplishment? My man Bruce Chant says, “Heck, no!” No matter what our relationship status, family configuration, or station in life, our struggles to get there are about so

What Makes YOU Significant?

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What makes you significant? Money, and the stuff it buys? Power, and the influence it wields? I can identify with my man Matt Wade‘s observation: the pressure to feel significant and appear so to others often leads us to divorce our true selves! Messy, indeed. That’s what Matt specializes in,

The 8 Secrets of Success, According to TED Attendees

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Defining success isn’t easy. Achieving it is even harder. Richard St. John spent seven years interviewing 500 people who have achieved enough success to be invited to speak at TED, or to be able to afford the whopping $4,000 a pop entry fee. The 8 secrets he distills from those